What our clients say about Business Local at RSM

Business Local at RSM has worked hard to provide its clients with the assistance they need while building strong relationships with them and stakeholders.  Below are some of their testimonies:


“Abbie has always been thoughtful, considerate and prompt with her help and guidance.  I have no experience with business and so Abbie has offered suggestions, then when I’ve needed technical help and advice Abbie has found the answers to my questions and guided me through the processes.  However, also importantly, when necessary, Abbie has stepped back, waited patiently and given me the space and opportunity to learn and grow together with my business, all the while watching quietly and only prompting when needed.  

I have appreciated and benefited from Abbie’s connection to local businesses. Through her local connections, I have attended the WIBBs networking events and hopefully in the future, Midwest Chamber of Commerce networking events.  I rely on Abbie’s experience to guide me through the marketing opportunities these events offer.  Abbie has always been approachable and so when I’ve needed help I have felt comfortable in contacting Abbie.  My challenge now is to grow my business into a viable, sustainable and profitable venture and I appreciate and look forward to Abbie’s continuing help and guidance.  In the near future I have a friend who hopefully will begin her own business in the health industry and I will confidently recommend Business Local to her.”

– Annette Tuncel, Owner, A T Bowen Therapy


“Thank you so much for all useful information yesterday Julie!!  You answered so many questions I had and have made me feel more confident about the way I have been doing things so far.  Thank you.”

– Danielle Jacobson, Owner, Naturally You Beauty and Skin Care


“Thank you for the meeting yesterday, it was really informative and helpful in the next steps I need to take.  I’m actually looking forward to doing the research.”

– Sharryn Spencer


“I have been filled with enthusiasm and motivation since our meeting the other week, it really helped me get a few things into perspective and organised so thank you very much!”

– Rachel Tarry, Owner, Scissor West


“Thank you for meeting with me.  I really did appreciate the discussion with you and your depth of owledge and experience you were able to share with me.  I am looking forward to going through all the notes in length and following up on them.”

– Denise Sturges, Owner, Fleet with Flair & Accessories


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to discuss my ideas with you.  It enabled me to get a clearer picture of how my business venture could be progressed.  The information you were able to give me and steps I should take gave me a more positive view of the way forward.  Once again thank you.”

– Marie Royce


“We have been using the services of Glenn Boyes from RSM for the last few months.  In that time we have found his supportive nature to be an asset to our new evolving company.  Through his support and encouragement we have been working together on our policies and procedures for our business, and are currently working on a business plan and future business expansion.  

Also Glenn was instrumental in our efforts to apply for local business awards, this year we didn’t win any prizes but the experience gained in the exercise was extremely worthwhile.  We will continue to use the services of Glenn and the team for support and refer his services to other business owners wherever possible.”

– Brett McFarlane, Owner, Profleet WA Pty Ltd


“As a very newcomer to Facebook I found the workshop very helpful. If there were any questions unanswered it was due to my personal ignorance!! Jenna and David were fabulous.”

– Heather Downs


“Thank you very much for taking the time to come and visit us and steer us in the right direction.  I look forward to going through these documents over the next few days and working with Ian to get a real direction and goals for the business.”

– Lauren Franklin, SIA Merredin


“Thanks so much for your time and advise today. I got a lot out of it.”

– Hayley Billing, Owner, Wheatbelt Events and Catering


“What a great way to advertise your assistance and support on Face Book Glenn.  I have met Glenn through his networking on Face Book and within a few days, Glenn and I were sitting across the table preparing my initial business structure.  Guided in the right direction, I am confident my business will succeed knowing I have Glenn’s assistance and support behind me.  

I appreciate the fact that the doors are always open if I am in need of assistance, which I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glenn and RSM on my success.”

– George Brown, Owner, Gebro Contracting Pty Ltd


“Donna Vanzetti assisted me when I was first setting up a Farmers Market in the Gingin Shire.  She was very helpful in providing details on permits and licensing information, pertaining to the Shire.”

– Pamela Wilson, Coordinator, Woodridge Markets


“Julie, thank you once gain for all your help and advice. It was lovely to have met you also, you’ve done an amazing job gathering and researching all this information for me and I appreciate it very much.”

– Jason Garlet, Owner, Wheatbelt Aboriginal Contracting Enterprise


“Thank you for all that information, it has been very useful. I have had a read of it today and have started my business plan.”

– Leah Pearson, Owner, Something Painted


“Thanks to the support and guidance from David at Business local, I have seen my small business income increase substantially. He has the expertise I needed to fine tune my online presence, which ultimately boosted enquiries from potential clients. I recommend utilising Business Local as their staff have the tools to help your business.”

– Ruth Morris, Owner, Bookkeeping & Training Midwest


“RSM has been an invaluable asset for the setting up of my small business, I believe that all small businesses need this type of support from time to time, RSM is totally professional and confidential, and I will continue to use the Business Local service as it is very professional.  I could not have started my business without RSM and the Business Local service.”

– Paul Backshall, Owner, BBAM – Mechanical Repairs & Breakdowns


“I would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU so much for the advice, support and assistance we received just recently (on a couple of occasions).  David went above and beyond what we were ever expecting to say the least – Not once did he give up, even though on occasions we thought time was against us. His professional approach, and also his caring attitude made working with him an absolute pleasure.  I look forward to being able to work with him again in the very near future.  Please keep up the fantastic services that are provided to all in the Mid West region.”

– Karen Gilbert, Owner, Total Toilets


“After attending a free small business workshop, I decided to take advantage of the specialised service for my start up business in the way of a business advisor.  Glen contacted me, and has since been assisting me in starting a small business.  Which can be overwhelming when you haven’t pursued something like this before. His knowledge and willingness to help has been a huge asset.  He has continued to keep in contact offering support and if there is anything else he can assist with.  He has provided me with some great tools and information that I am using to successfully get my business up and running.

I will continue to take advantage of his knowledge and believe without it there certainly would have been things I would have missed or wouldn’t have considered.  Thank you to glen and RSM for this great service.”

– Rebekah Worthington, Owner, WorthLife


“It is indeed a pleasure to write in your favour. It has been 6 months since my enquires about moving my business to Geraldton.  During that time, David has been gracious enough to keep in touch. In a helpful way, he enquired about a timeline, suggested possible scenarios and offered support and encouragement. Back in October 2015, I was, and today, remain impressed by his professionalism. Bravo to Business Local!”

– Jennifer Lyon, Owner, Oui Love Coffee


“Thank you very much for all your help this year.  The business local initiative has been incredibly valuable to our small business.  The representatives from RSM have helped us by assisting in the writing and set up of our business plan, helping find an insurance broker, understanding our lease and council approval, they helped us set up accounting software, locating an app for our customers to use and getting it integrated with other software.  On recommendation from RSM, I attended the small business development programs and found them very educational and useful.  

We received excellent advise and direction from the local business advisor in regards to employees and contractors.  Every question we had the business advisors have answered or researched and replied.  I found the business advisors at RSM to be professional, friendly and very hard working.  I hope this initiative continues as I see it to be essential for small businesses in our community.”

– Tristan Crane, Owner, Impact Strength & Martial Arts Pty Ltd


“The assistance we received from David on the 11th of March was invaluable.  To have the Business Local to be able to come out and give us one on one support in what is a very trying time for our Distillery in relation to government departments and local government has paid off dividends.  Because of the complex nature of the industry that Illegal Tender Rum Co is in makes it just that extra bit harder when completing business related forms or trying to seek information.  Again any small business start-up needs to utilise this resource as in simply is invaluable.  

Davids professional manor and his keen interest to understand the dynamics of the Distillery are an asset to the Business Local team, and we appreciate people such as him in the business sector.  We will utilise the Business Local team in as many phases of our business as we can as to have a service such as this in the Mid- West is a win for any business in the area.”

– Codie Palmer, Owner, Illegal Tender Rum Co. Pty Ltd


“We found Donna to be very supportive and easy to work with.  The information she gave us was very comprehensive.  In particular we really found the Business Start-Up Checklist and Business Health Check, extremely helpful.  We would recommend Business Local to other businesses.”

– Elizabeth Jackson, Owner, Kumquot Mae Cafe Two


“The business local service Carnarvon along with Marilyn Rulyancich was very helpful from all aspects of the planning the purchase of Carnarvon Glass and Window tint and NOVUS Auto Glass Carnarvon.  The business local service had giving me a much better over look and a clear direction of the future ahead.  I would recommend this service to anyone.”

– Jace Kempton, Owner, Carnarvon Glass and Window Tinting


“Julie from Business Local has been a total asset to the way I run and look at my business.  She is a wealth of knowledge about small business in rural Western Australia and I know she wants me to succeed.  All our interactions result in an area of my business that I revise and look at.  Thank you for all your wonderful help and support and I look forward to many years ahead of working together.”

– Pricilla Wass, Owner, Eastern Wheatbelt Bookkeeping


“The Mid West Development Commission is a Western Australian statutory authority. Its overriding aim is to facilitate the social and economic development of Western Australia’s Mid West.  It is with pleasure that I’m writing to commend the level of service that the Mid West Development Commission has received from Mr. David Boyes and Bird Cameron via the ‘Business Local’ and Small Business Development Corporation program.  

David has been a real asset to the program and has referred a number of clients to the Commission for investment information, contact with other government departments, information about the Mid West Regional Blueprint, regional updates and associated opportunities, amongst others.  It’s always a pleasure to work with David and we appreciate the professionalism and the good service that he consistently provides.”

– Robert Smallwood, Mid-West Digital Economy Strategy Manager, Mid-West Development Commission


“Julie at Business Local has been a wealth of knowledge for us. Being able to approach someone to discuss our Business needs and direction has been invaluable and the response time for information needed has been fabulous. We find Business Local to be a great opportunity for small business owners to gain access to business services in their area as well as on a broader scale.”

– Tim & Nicole Newton, Owners, Newtons Home Furnishings


“Thankyou for all the information you sent me after our first consultation last week (16/11/15 )  Just talking to you was enough to enthuse me but all the added information you sent has provided a great framework for me to actually do something measurable in the way of continuing to develop my business idea. I look forward to meeting at a later date to discuss things further I appreciate your efforts.”

– Vicki Martin, Civil Celebrant


“Donna Vanzetti has been a wonderful source of information for my business in the Wheatbelt.  Due to Donna’s research, I have had information at my fingertips, enabling me to make decisions in issues such as taking on a trainee bookkeeper and the benefits of having young staff.  I have found Donna help to be valuable to my business.  Thanks for your wonderful support Donna!”

– Veronica Trethewey, Owner, BookSenz Pty Ltd


“Thank you for your assistance over the past month or two in getting Liz & myself organised & informed regarding the sale of the café.  You reinforced information I had passed on to Liz (that I had acquired from you) & also got me more organised in the process.  Both Liz & Casey are very excited in their new venture & love what they do. They’ve already started gathering recipes, Casey’s going to use her parents as guinea pigs & test these recipes on them & they are using this month to re organised the café as to how they would like it to look & work.  I handed over the keys to them on Saturday morning & I must admit it did feel rather strange but GOOD!!”

– Shiree Manning, Owner, Kumquot Mae Cafe


“Good small business guidance is hard to come by, especially in a remote area like Karratha. I have been very blessed to have someone like Jessica who understands me and my business vision and is dedicated to helping guide me, provide great information, make me accountable and support me to get there. I thoroughly enjoy our meetings that allow me to feel like anything is possible, that’s when you know you have a good business coach! Thank you Jess :)”

– Kylianne Farrell, Owner, Fluxx Fitness


“I have been working with Jessica Buckley from Business Local for a few months now.  Jessica has an excellent understanding of the daily challenges business owners face.  She and Business Local have provided me with knowledge and tools to strategically grow my new business.  The relationship with Jessica, while always professional, is conducted in a friendly manner.  This allows me to throw around ideas and receive input from Jessica which I really value.  I’ve been very happy with the service I’ve received from Jessica and Business Local.  I have recommended Jessica Buckley to several of my clients and will continue to do so in the future.”

– Kate Cranston, Owner, Karratha Collective


“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support, professionalism, guidance and input into getting to this stage in the venture.  I don’t think the progress would be where it is without your invaluable efforts.  It is an exciting initiative to have someone of your talents and experience within our local community and I know that other businesses will benefit as I have.  I look forward to our continued collaboration and the potential outcomes for our community and broader implications.”

– Jason Evans, Owner, Seanergy


“Thank you for meeting with me on 28th October 2015.  The information you have forwarded to me is very helpful in my setting up my small business and moving forward; it is very informative and gives me the directive on how to employ a casual employee and the pitfalls to look out for when starting up a new business.  Should I require further information I will be in contact with you.  My wife and I were very comfortable in discussing our business issues with you and found you to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  Also you advised you would research further information that we required and this you have done, we appreciate the efforts you have taken to ensure we have as much information as possible to be successful.”

– Henri Duri, Owner, H Duri Home Repairs and Maintenance


“Marilyn Rulyancich has been extremely helpful in introducing me to people who can assist me in establishing my business in Carnarvon.  We are very excited about where the opportunities are headed and these contacts and introductions are all thanks to Marilyn.”

– David Buttsworth, Owner, ECANA Organic and Natural


“The Business Local team have been very supportive of our local community an example I am proud to share is the success story of WIBB – Women Inspiring Better Business a professional and business networking group which has gone from strength to strength.  The Business Local and RSM team have taken the lead and supported the WIBBs group by becoming a Diamond Sponsor thus enabling the continued viability of this important initiative.  We are very greatful and proud to have them as our Diamond Sponsors.”

– Barbara Thompson, Regional Development Co-ordinator Mid-West, Regional Development Mid-West Gascoyne


“Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday, I am extremely excited and grateful to have your help with my business venture.  I have only glanced over your email as I am currently at work, however this information is exactly what I needed help with and it is great to have someone assisting to provide me with this information.”

– Tana Kickett, Owner, K Employment


“I was going to send you a Thank you Card and maybe do an article when I have gone digital with a picture of you on the computer to let more people now of what you are doing and how helpful the whole process is to get advice from someone who knows more than I do. Thank you so much for your help.:

– Maria Flavel, Author


“Thank you so much for all the information and your efforts in researching answers to my queries, it is most appreciated.”

– Andrew Benzie, Owner, Sam Benzie Carpentry and Construction


“Local business owners who had been sceptical about RSM Bird Cameron were both pleasantly surprised and well informed about the new role that RSM will now play after the closure of the Small Business Centre.  All of the feedback so far has been very positive and no doubt this will be very beneficial to RSM as good news travels fast in small communities.  I look forward to learning more about RSM and the services we can help you to offer to the local businesses within our community.”

– Amy Robson, Programs Co-ordinator, Brookton CRC