Business Local is an initiative of the Small Business Development Corporation to streamline the delivery of small business advisory services across Western Australia.  Business Local services are available free of charge to all businesses, at all stages of development.

Your Business Local adviser from RSM will equip and empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to effectively analyse your business model, practices and financial position.  As most small business owners don’t necessarily come from a finance background, this kind of advice can prove invaluable.

Business Local advisers can provide expert advice on a range of services including;

Business Start-Up Do you have relevant industry experience and skills?
Will the business provide the lifestyle that you desire?
Business Planning Do you know which business structure will be most advantageous to you?
Do you know why a business plan is important?
Financial Planning Do you have a professional support team around you?
Do you have templates to get you started?
Marketing Have you developed a marketing plan?
Do you know which social media platforms suit your business?
Licenses & Registrations Have you registered a business name?
Do you know what you will need shire approval for?
Taxation & Funding Are you aware of your taxation obligations?
Do you know what you will need if you intend to apply for financial assistance?
Succession Planning What is ‘Succession Planning’ and why is it important?
Need assistance developing a strategy but unsure where to get help?
E-Commerce Would a website suit your business?
Want to sell online but don’t know where to start?
Industrial Relations Planning to hire your first employee but unsure of what you need to do?
Unsure about correct pay rates, conditions and entitlements?

You can either walk-in to one of our offices or call us to get advice and make an appointment. You may also choose to contact us electronically by emailing



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